Our story

After tragically losing their beloved son Maddox in a terrible accident at the Pittsburgh Zoo, the family made a simple request in his obituary:  “In lieu of flowers, the family requests everyone bring a toy construction truck to be donated to a children’s Christmas charity.”

This idea was based on Maddox’s love of construction vehicles and his passion to share anything he had with his friends. His parents felt it only fitting to give to others, in memory of their son.

This simple request prompted an unexpected, and incredibly overwhelming, outpour of support that inadvertently transformed into a non-profit organization — Trucks For Maddox Charitable Trust. It is the desire of Maddox’s family to continue this cause while honoring Maddox and keeping his vivacious spirit alive.

The primary goal of Trucks For Maddox is to bring smiles to disadvantaged children by gifting toy trucks, through multiple charities, on an annual basis. The activities administered will provide opportunities to continue to collect toys and secure donations in support of the goal.

In 2012, over 4,500 toys were successfully delivered to children throughout the Pittsburgh region. The hope is to multiply this effort in the years to come.  

Thank you in advance for your support.